Take the risks out of your investment advice

We’re no strangers to investments. This is why we’ve been able to perfect a process which is squarely built around our Partners – and their clients’ needs. Your investment toolkit covers a wide range of risk profiles and investment styles.

Five risk-rated portfolios
For more details on our range of portfolios across the low to higher risk-rated spectrum see the KIIDs our Library page.

Investment styles
Each Sandringham portfolio can be managed using a number of investment styles to meet risk and return objectives.

  • Active – fund managers look for investment opportunities to maximise returns and minimise risk over the long term.
  • Passive – looks to maximise returns over the long term but keeps buying and selling to a minimum.
  • Blended – a strategy featuring aspects of both Active and Passive.
  • Smoothed – designed to deliver long-term returns in a predictable way.
  • Discretionary – nominated fund management teams will make the decisions based on known portfolio requirements.
  • Income investing – provides a steady income, typically from a balanced portfolio of income producing assets.

De-risk your investment business
Join Sandringham and you’ll be working in an environment committed to helping you minimise the business risk from your investment advice.

  • Risk assessment – you’ll have access to our sophisticated risk assessment tool to help you assess your clients’ ability to take risk and their capacity for loss.
  • Monitoring and rebalancing portfolios – an essential part of the risk management process. There’s the confidence that comes with knowing our risk-rated portfolios are rebalanced automatically.
  • Regular reviews – an annual comprehensive review of investments to check if the portfolios are performing as expected. This is also an opportunity to re-assess a client’s attitude to risk.
  • Our investment team – we work with a leading and independent research company to choose the best investment managers and their funds to create our panel of portfolios across the low to higher risk spectrum.

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